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recent reviews

"...Performing and conducting the Hofkapelle Weimar is cellist Peter Hörr. The virtuosic nature of Duport's writing is easily handled by Hörr's sparkling, pristine technique; clear intonation; nimble left hand; and well-articulated right arm. His choice of tempo tends to be brisk, which is entirely needed to maintain listener interest and bring excitement to Duport's scores. Balance between soloist and orchestra is polished throughout, allowing listeners to hear every rapid note of passagework..."
( by , ALLMUSIC)

„...Peter Hoerr distinguishes himself both as soloist and conductor, and his refreshing approach and beautifully paced tempi give these woefully neglected concertos amuck needed boost. Fine advocacy of a composer who surely deserves to be better known...“ (Gerald Fenech, CLASSICAL.NET)

"...That said, there was no lack of excitement in the playing. The program, which included Beethoven’s “Twelve Variations” in F Major, Op. 66, Mozart’s “Nine Variations on a Minuet,” K. 573 and Duport’s rarely heard “Nocturne” in B-flat, gave both players room to display their virtuosity, and the climax came with Beethoven’s Cello Sonata in A Major, Op. 69 — a ravishing work, which received a strong and heartfelt performance. But to these ears, it was the encore — one of Mendelssohn’s “Songs Without Words” — that showed Hoerr and Sigfridsson at their best, so in tune with each other that, for the first time all evening, they seemed to be playing as one..." (Stephen Brookes, WASHINGTON POST )